How DeFi Can Save a Life: My Cryptocurrency Journey

2020 was a difficult year for a lot of people. Jobs have been lost, homes have been lost, lives have been lost, and none of this magically went away at the turn of the year. I suppose I am a lucky person. I am a healthy mother with two healthy children.

However, I can’t say that things have been great… I lost my job during the pandemic and in just a few months, I went from someone who supported her community with Christmas food boxes for the homeless and summer school supplies for needy children to a homeless mother with 2 children. It was heartbreaking to struggle among so many others, and I suppose there isn’t really a word for the feeling you have when you have to find a place for your kids to sleep… I would be lying if I said I never lost hope…

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

But that’s when crypto came into my life like a Christmas angel this last December. There was no Kickstarter, nor a viral Facebook post, but one person who I met long ago (and who I won’t name for their privacy) simply told their community about me… a crypto community! I’m sure I would have found the outpouring of support overwhelming if I had known about it, though it took me a while to get my mobile turned back on… and I had no idea.

By the time I was able to get back online, there was already one individual who had answered the call and stood out; they had volunteered to start me down a path of what will surely be a long and rewarding journey:

This one special individual is a member of the OpenDAO community. They reached out to me and helped me make sure that my family was not in immediate danger — they explained that they had been fortunate from the cryptocurrency bull market and helped me financially to get me and my children back into our old apartment! It was a Godsend, but it didn’t end there…

They have helped me set up my Metamask and introduced me to OpenDAO, Ethereum, how seed phrases should be safely kept, how to move my money into and out of our native Peso… and they are still helping me.

I can’t say it has been easy though… There is so much to learn, but I’m now learning about staking, APY, and how to make my money work for me! Apparently 300% interest is pretty good! ;-) LOL! I’ve been told that it’s strange my first cryptocurrency is OPEN token and not something more common, but I also can’t say I have any regrets — I still almost can’t believe it’s possible for my money to make so much money, and I wish I could talk to myself from a few months ago…

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I also wish I could tell some more people. Friends, family, the people who I normally help every Christmas. The interest I’m earning now with the kindness of others is enough for me to live instead of struggle, and to start giving back — that’s why I’m writing this article. I hope that others like me, who are struggling, can become aware of what is possible through these new systems. I’m going to continue my education, learning how to use OpenDAO, and am interested in becoming a more active part of their community.

I hope you all realize how big of a difference just a little bit of cryptocurrency can make on a life like mine, or two little ones. I invite you to look at the parts of the world where these currencies can go MUCH further than in many other more ‘developed’ places of the world. We can change the world — We must pray for it. We must fight for it. We must be it.

Just about to head home… With love, Queen Ann O.

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Love and God Bless,

Queen Ann O.

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